Nikki: Painter

Nikki is Jimmy's wife.  You will often find Nikki performing with James live.  

Nikki and Jimmy make a unique team. Their shared life allows them to grow artistically as
individuals while also enabling them to explore the possibilities of new artistic horizons together.
Specifically, a live performance provides an ideal dynamic between musician, painter, and
audience. In this setting, painting and music together inspire moments of energetic creativity that
would otherwise remain undiscovered. The fusion of visual art and music as a live performance is
a unique experience for the artist, the musician and the audience from one event to the next.
Nikki and Jimmy maintain that flexibility is fundamental to the success of their artistic synthesis.
Accordingly, they enjoy performing for diverse audiences and are comfortable in venues of all
sizes. Their hope is to continue to share their individual passions for art and music while
engaging artists and inspiring audiences both locally and internationally.